Benefits of carnauba wax over other white car waxes

Benefits of Carnauba wax over other white car waxes Carnauba wax is the most preferred wax over other white car waxes because it creates a warm, rich glow that doesn’t appear to sit on the paint. The wax provides your vehicle with maximum protection from extreme heat from the sun and acidic substances found in rain water. Below are some key benefits of using carnauba for the best wax for white carswax over other waxes. ·       (i) Microscopically porous      Carnauba wax allows the surface underneath to breath due to some tiny holes present in the wax unlike other synthetic waxes that block the passage of air. Paints and plastic need to breath in order for them to maintain the initial glow that tends to fade away with time after a long a period of using other white auto sealants. ·(ii)Optical benefit Carnauba waxes instill a warm visual quality to painted surfaces and is deeply reflective hence very appealing to the eye. They can also be used to cover up light scratches that are not too …